Diners Agree Frank Capri Got It Right with Toby Keith’s I love This Bar & Grill!


Frank Capri started the franchise I Love This Bar & Grill, which is quite obviously named after the Toby Keith tune, and thus far, its name is holding true. Inspired by his southern roots and hit singles, Toby Keith’s influences give this restaurant a lot of character that is difficult for country fans not to love. With locations opening up in the north as well as the south, anyone can enjoy delicious home-style dining.


It really is difficult for any Toby Keith lover not to love this bar. The bar top itself is fashioned to look like an oversized guitar, where bargoers can enjoy traditional Southern cocktail recipes that hold true to the country theme. It does not matter whether your drink is Jim Beam and soda or SoCo and lime, this is the perfect environment in which to enjoy the beverage — especially if the south seems far away!


The country atmosphere definitely goes all-out, but country lovers know there can never be too much country. They will feel at home what with waitresses in cowgirl costumes and being surrounded with country music videos constantly. Fans looking for a fun night out can revel in the fact that these bars host southern-music bands and artists several nights per week, and country music DJs to pump tunes the rest of the week.


At this point, it is difficult not to wonder what is on the menu. Just imagine what would be on the table at a big, southern, Sunday dinner, and then do it to the max. With heaping servings, fall-off-the-bone meats, and mouth-watering recipes, ribs and chicken from this place cannot be passed up. If that does not sell you, ask yourself this: where else is a fried bologna and cheese sandwich on Texas toast on the menu?


As if the entrees alone are not enough to make diners make reservations, the list of sides will surely bring them back home. When was the last time you had some handmade mashed sweet potatoes, or fried cornmeal-dusted okra? This list is jam-packed with foods diners have not had since living with their mamas, and the succulent recipes combined with the nostalgia cannot be beat.


Toby Keith fans cannot miss the opportunity to dine in these locations because of the gift shop alone. It is full of souvenirs inspired by Toby and his music, whether it is concert photographs, t-shirts and tank tops, hats, glasses, or anything else imaginable. I Love This Bar & Grill is opening up more and more locations for a reason — it is impossible not to love!

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